12.01(Sat) 12:30-13:10 Seminar B-15

Realization of flexible manufacturing to survive in the period of dynamic

OMRON Corporation


Time 2024.12.01(Sat) 12:30~13:10
Title Realization of flexible manufacturing to survive in the period of dynamic
Performed By OMRON Corporation
Venue Seminar Venue B (Capacity100people)


OMRON Corporaiton
Senior General Manager Robotics Business Division HQ. Industrial Automation Company
Hiroshi Ujimoto

Market changes are rapidly progressing, such as the difficulty of securing manpower in the manufacturing industry, the shorter cycle of introducing new products and technologies, and the need to stabilize trade competitiveness by breaking dependence on fossil fuels, and further advances in automation are required to realize sustainable manufacturing sites.
Conventional automation is not the optimal solution for manpower-centered production of variable types and quantities, and a new type of "automation" is required. This presentation will introduce the approaches and effects of competitive automation, including integrated robot control as an optimal solution.


  • For assembly
  • For electronic component mounting
  • For clean room
  • For receiving and shipping
  • For material handling and conveyance
  • For factory
  • Robot Simulation
  • Other


Location Shiokoji Horikawa, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8530 Japan
URL https://www.fa.omron.co.jp/